Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Advantages Of An Electronic Rain Gauge

By Ned Dagostino

It's not just for measuring rainfall, an electronic rain gauge is much more. We all, both adults and children, tend to be fascinated by weather. This gauge will fuel that fascination. Your portable weather station will not be complete without it, and when it comes to learning, it is a great tool.

Ok, you built a new rain gauge for your kid or, even saw your kid make it, but how accurate is that? It certainly can't beat the electronic rain gauge in accuracy as well as professionalism! These are ideal instruments for a school and seats of learning and education. Therefore, the wise thing is to go for an electronic rain gauge. Hands on experience of these weather analysis instruments helps build up a better understanding of how weather works and various weather patterns.

And advances features are also available. For instance you can not only measure the precipitation, but also spillage on some models. It is, without a doubt, a must have tool for everyone from the weather fanatic to those with just a casual interest in the weather who like to keep an eye on what's happening. And if you've got a portable weather station, simply measuring wind speed and the heat index is not enough. Rainfall measurement is an important parameter as well.

Here is another interesting and yet common use. Some people like to use weather gadgets as part of their home decor. Yes it's also about making your home look nice as well as for educational and hobby purposes.

Home gardeners also can make good use of an electronic rain gauge. For starters, armed with this information you'll know more about your soil patterns. Plus knowing how much it rained is important to determine how much water you need to add, if any. This is true for a master gardener or someone with a small vegetable garden in their back yard.

When picking your gauge, try to choose one with a wireless data transmission base. After all, you don't want to have to go outside on a stormy night to get and record your data. Not only will you stay dry, but a wireless base will stream real time live data right into your home. You'll get precipitation totals and current temperatures if you have the unit set up within a few hundred feet of your home.

A newer version electronic rain gauge has other functions such as temperature and humidity measurement sensors. Buy these only if you don't have other instruments already taking these measurements.

Sure you can set up a standard rain measurement gauge in your yard, but it won't be nearly as accurate as an electronic rain gauge. It also won't record and track the data for you. If you are a serious weather fanatic, or just need the information to make sure your yard or garden are getting the proper amount of water, an electronic gauge is by far your best option.

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