Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outdoor Survival Skills Survival Supplies, And Tips

By Ben Kingston

With an unknown future, one must be prepared. With the collapse of world currencies and the predilection of war around the corner is daunting; the future seems up for grabs.

Look at the conditions in Europe prior to WW1. Europe was rich, it was an economic strongman. Germany was advanced culturally, relatively pacifistic and an all-around stable nation. It had a history of being less involved in war than any of the neighboring nation in Europe. This era was about to embark and keep continuing in great and noble advances for the nation and mankind. However, complete chaos broke down any chance of forward progress when Word War 1 began.

Our era is not any different. Governments are growing more fascistic, bailing out banks, seizing sectors of the economy, bailing out politically connected companies formulating unsustainable debts loads for citizens. There is a danger of mass currency collapses, a breakdown of the markets and civil unrest could lead to civil war. Also the potentiality of beginning a war is a ploy used to another way out turning a different direction. Statist powerbrokers will find an excuse, false flags, provocations, etc to force a war.

We are warned by the Discovery Channel about natural disasters originating outside the earth as well. Similarly, in case of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from a weaponized high-altitude electromagnetic pulse explosion, gasoline, paper money, transportation will disappear. It's bad news for pacemakers.

Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NNEMP) from super solar flares from the sun and result in a geo-magnetic tempest are another probability. Computers would not work. Satellites would cease to function, no TV, radio, phones and any device, plane or car with computer chips in their system will not function. It will be every man for himself. Starvation, disease and random violence would likely claim millions of lives. A survival food supply is a fundamental necessity.

If we have a large non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse resulting from a super solar flare like the one that occurred back in 1859 (the 1859 Carrington event) , that would shut down the whole grid for quite a long time. Some estimate the damage between $1 trillion and $2 trillion in damages, and living could be terrible if in fact you were without electricity for any length of time. With survival kits to make life possible, you survive.

Prevention is better than cure. After the disaster, you'll be left short if you are not prepared. Start out with a survival pack or storage area that contains emergency food supplies as well as water resources.

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