Friday, October 9, 2020


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Look at the ๐Ÿ“Š (graph of the Sun) where I marked '22', Solar Cycle 22 was the MOST active in-terms of overall sunspot activity since the 1950's (* likely a longer period-of-time / cycle than dating back to the 1950's). During the peak of Solar Cycle 22, 1988 - 1992, the term Nor'easter all but became extinct in New England. Now let's look at what actually happened during the winters from 1988 - 1992 in North Adams, during the peak of the MOST active solar cycle (22) since the *1950's.

From 1988 - 1992 (* indicated by red circle on posted snowfall chart)... there were four (4) winters in-a-row with below normal snowfall in North Adams. With the exception of 1989/90; three (3) of these winters experienced well below normal snowfall. This period is the longest duration of back-to-back winters with below to well below normal snowfall since the *1950's. * Average winter season snowfall in North Adams, MA. is 78.1". * To be clear the average of those four (4) winters (1988 - 1992) combined is 44.8" snowfall, which is the lowest 4-year average snowfall in North Adams, at-least dating back to 1974.

 CONCLUSION: MUCH unlike the highly active Sun during the peak of Solar Cycle 22 from 1988 - 1992; Solar Cycle 23, and especially the current decaying Solar Cycle 24... has trended MUCH weaker. As-a-result, both the Winters of 2010/11 & 2000/01, that were exiting-the-dead of a solar minimum, were truly realized through stronger support for sustained high latitude atmospheric blocking. This allowed for well above normal snowfall in North Adams during 2010/11 & 2000/01. We are now exiting-the-dead of a solar minimum again, and as we exit the overall very weak, decaying Solar Cycle 24... nature is perfectly aligned to repeat it's course experienced 10 & 20-years-ago, with above to well above normal snowfall in New England, during the upcoming Winter Season 2020/21. Forecaster: Daniel Viens, establishing author of New England NAO.


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