Sunday, January 15, 2012

Long Range Weather Forecast for the US

By Ivor Goligher

In other countries, weather conditions can easily be determined. However, in the US, it may be a difficult task. The reason for this is mainly the US is a big country, and it is divided into a lot of different regions. There may be some things that are similar with different areas. For example, areas in the upper part of the country is likely to have a cold and wet climate, while the lower part cooler but still comfortable. Generally, this can be said however, due to the different phenomena happening in our world, it is difficult to determine what the weather is going to be like.

There are already a lot of natural disasters that may affect the long term weather forecast in the US. One would be the recent volcano activity around the world. The very strong and destructive earthquake that hit Japan this year also affects the global weather. Also, the earthquake in Indonesia a few years ago has changed the rotation of the earth slightly. These tragedies may be small but it can bring large amounts of impact to the world and may be factors to change in weather on the long run.

Consider when a volcano eruption occurs. During an eruption, a volcano releases a huge amount of hot, molten lava and spurts ashes into the air. Those ashes are not gone in just one day. While they exist, they can affect clouds and cloud formation, possibly increasing or decreasing the amount of precipitation that the cloud can give off. Even disasters that are not natural may still have an effect on the environment. Nuclear power plants that may have been leaking or blown up may cause disastrous changes to the environment.

The next step is to make sure that your property is in general good condition. If your building is in a bad way any problems could become dangerous during extreme weather. After you've sorted out your quotes for property insurance you should thoroughly check your building for things like:

* Loose tiles * Weak mortar on the property's roof * Broken brickwork on the chimney * Dodgy roof stacks * Corroded nails * Unstable brickwork * Overgrown trees near the building * Weak fences * Rickey satellite dishes and aerials

Ash and dust introduced into the atmosphere by volcanic eruptions can lower the earths surface temperatures by reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth. There are many other variables in producing the weather you experience.

While you cannot control the weather you can be prepared for it. Listen to your local forecast when threatening weather is possible especially if you are planning on travelling. Have a emergency kit in your car at all times and use common sense before heading out into inclement weather.

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