Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Facebook timeline-post

(* 'Hearty' is in-reference to skiers & snowmobilers especially.) Following this cycle; 10-years-ago, when the Sun was last exiting-the-dead of a solar minimum, North Adams, MA. experienced it's third (3rd) snowiest winter dating back-to-1974, with total snowfall of 132.8" (54.7" above normal snowfall) for the 2010/11 Winter Season. However, North Adams only had total snowfall of 38.5" (39.6" below normal snowfall) for the 2011/12 Winter Season, just a year later. Why? After exiting-the-dead of a solar minimum (* as we currently are this upcoming winter season), the Sun quickly comes to 'life' in-respect to sunspots associated with the new Solar Cycle that quickly peaks with a solar maximum only a year later! NOTE: for 'brief' updates during the 2020/21 Winter Season, please also visit the New England NAO Facebook Page.