Saturday, March 5, 2011


The Current Surface Map & Satellite from NCEP depicts a very active weather pattern. Currently in New England we have a strong Southwesterly flow, in advance of a sharp cold front over the Ohio River Valley. The cold front will be the mark of pronounced changes associated with an increasing Negative AO & NAO, as cold-air advection occurs in New England late Sunday night with significant cooling aloft. Moderate to heavy Rain changing to wet Snow over western & northern New England will also occur as a secondary low pressure system develops off the Mid-Atlantic coast, in response to the amplifying Eastern trough. Currently off the coast of California is a 1024-Millibar High along with a Southerly flow over much of the U. S. West coast , this eastward expanding High will be the trigger to allow for a brief weakly Positive PNA. Well to the northwest of this High (southeast of the Gulf of Alaska) is an intense area of spinning Low pressure, which will later allow for falling heights over the eastern Pacific and West coast as the PNA returns Negative.       

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