Thursday, February 24, 2011


Current NAO Highlights are for the indice at present neutrality, to become increasingly Negative briefly as we approach next week. Today I would like to focus closely on the upcoming week, the Surface map above from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) shows an area of intense Low pressure over Illinois on Monday, Feb. 28. This area of low pressure is associated with a deep trough carving through the Nation's Mid-section, notice the building High over the Western United States. It is this intense amplification that I made reference to on FEB. 20 - WEEKLY INDICE REVIEW, however there are some clearifications I need to make. Initially, I did state there would be a brief moderation in advance of intense amplification during Feb. 26 to March 3. After reviewing further information, I feel this change will happen around Feb. 28, after the dynamic area of  low pressure moves to our west with wet snow mixing with and changing to rain on Monday with moderating temperatures. After the moderation temperatures will begin to fall, with rain changing back to snow as the system moves to the northeast. The doors will then be open for a brief increasingly Negative NAO during March 1-5. Winter is not over... Yet, New England!